Holga 120CFN Medium Format Film Camera Reviews

Holga 120CFN Medium Format Film Camera

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The Holga 120CFN is a medium format camera that lets you shoot images that can be printed in size 6x6 inch. The color flash technology in this Holga film camera when combined with Holga's built-in features like soft focus, vignetting, light leaks etc, gives you absolutely mind-blowing results. This Holga film camera features a color wheel that tints the flash with clear, red, yellow, blue gels to add stunning effects to your pictures. The settings for manual exposure in the Holga 120CFN allows you to shoot excellent pictures at night. The "B" Shutter setting in this medium format camera allows you to keep the shutter open for a prolonged period to achieve shake free exposures at night and to get stunning portraits using the flash. The Holga 120CFN also provides threads for a tripod.





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Medium Format

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Medium Format

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6 x 4.5 cm