National Instruments GPIB-USB (777631-01) Parallel Adapter

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Product Details

The compact GPIB-USB transforms any computer with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port into a full-function, plug and play, IEEE 488.2 Controller that can control up to 14 programmable GPIB instruments. The small size and light weight of the GPIB-USB make it ideal for portable applications using a laptop computer or other applications where the computer has no available internal I/O slots. The GPIB-USB works with PC-compatible computers that have a USB port. The GPIB-USB is easy to install and use because there are no external DIP switches and no requirement for you to restart your computer for the system to recognize your IEEE 488.2 interface. The GPIB-USB is a plug and play interface that is automatically recognized and configured by the operating system as soon as it is physically attached to the USB port on the computer. With the GPIB-USB, you can get up and running quickly so you can focus on developing your instrument control applications.