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ProForm 730CS Treadmill

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A nice treadmill for the price

Feb 20, 2000
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Pros:Quiet motor, comfortable walking deck

Cons:Preprogrammed setting are too fast for the beginner.

First things first! This epinion is being written from the perspective of an overweight mid-30's mom. I enjoy walking and believe it is an easy method for those of us who have slipped out of shape to slip back into shape. Now onto my thoughts =o)

I have been using the Proform 730CS treadmill for approximately one month, walking between one & one and one half miles every other night for just under one month. I can feel and see a difference in my appearance and in my stamina.

The ProForm 730CS treadmill is a middle of the line priced electric treadmill offered at Sears. The sales representative told me that it is one of their largest sellers and is frequently one of their sale items. Due to its popularity, when I purchased it, it was back ordered for two weeks, with them trying to get more in stock.

The treadmill features on the console many different features, including manual and pre-programmed training programs, an LED track to show how far you have traveled on a quarter mile oval, distance/laps counter, a time/incline/segment display along with calories/fat calories/pulse display and speed and distance. It has side handles to hold, or an EKG grip bar to measure your pulse. It also is a space saver model, allowing you to fold it up, when not in use. This model has an electric incline feature and speed up to 6 mph.

The walking surface is wide enough to walk or jog comfortably. The motor is relatively quiet. Talking to someone else in the room can be done at a normal level of volume.

This treadmill can also be connected to your computer or VCR to work our with programs on ProForms web site. (

The only features that I am not fond of are the following.
1. The preprogrammed setting are too hard for the beginner.
2. The LED display is not back lit and can be hard to read.
3. It has a book holder, but its too far away for the near sighted to see.
(even with your glasses on!)

While this treadmill cost a little more money than I had planned on spending, I feel that I have purchased a well made product and do enjoy the exercise that I am getting.

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