Superbowl Party if you're not going to the stadium

Jan 26, 2000

Since most of us do not have tickets to the game let's party at home. We had a fun Superbowl party last year. Here are some tips.

1. Invite men, women and children. This way if some people in your family do not want to watch the game they will have some people to hang out with.

2. Set up the game watching room and then set up a place for the kids away from the game watching room and a place for those who do not want to watch the game. You can set up a puzzle on a card table. This is a good place for people to sit and have something to do while watching the game if they are not totally into the game.

3. When you invite people tell them to pick a team to cheer for and wear that teams colors. Even if your favorite team is not going this year, just pick a team anyway for fun. When people arrive have them write their half time and end of game guess scores on a posterboard in the game room. Have prizes for the winners.

1. We always like to make a turkey. It is an inexpensive way to serve many people. Add the bread, mayonnaise and some stove top stuffing and you have some great sandwiches. Serve on a football shaped platter. You can buy these at party stores and many grocery stores.

2. Chips and dips of course, cheeseball and crackers, salsa, etc. Use the team colors for your serving dishes.

3. If you want people to bring something you could have half bring an appetizer and half bring a dessert. That way you will have a variety and not all sweets.

4. Since it is cold you could offer some hot drinks like hot cider in the crock pot.

5. Giant subs are always fun as well. If you call most grocery stores ahead of time you can order a giant length sub bun and then make the sub yourself.


1. Decorate with crepe paper, footballs, etc. Add something for both teams just in case someone comes or brings someone who is for the team that you are not rooting for. (Then again, you could just ask them to leave.) Just kidding. :)

** I will not share who I went to win at the risk of alienating half of the epinions readers.

Just sign me, Playing it safe on the sidelines.

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