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Tevas are Comfy

Jan 3, 2000
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Pros:comfy, versatile, comfy, snug fit, comfy

Cons:Will die after extended abuse, but what shoe won't?

In the mid-80s, I got my first pair of Birkenstocks. They had fallen out of favor by then, so they weren't the most stylish shoes. Plus, I've never thought the human foot was all that attractive, so I always wore them with white socks. It was a striking combination, but at least it was uniquely mine.

Birkenstocks aren't particularly durable, and their cork falls off unless you keep it moisturized. Who has time to moisturize cork footwear? Plus, most Birkenstocks are heel-less sandals, so they are terrible for outdoor activities. And they used to cost $80 a pair, so they were pretty expensive. Nonetheless, they were comfy, so I persisted.

In 1995 my mother-in-law gave me a pair of Tevas as a gift. I was pretty suspect that these would replace my beloved Birkenstocks. But I instantly fell in love with them, and now they are my footwear of choice.

I finally wore through the first pair in the Summer of 1999 (see below), so I've now got the 1999 model Terradactyls. These are the comfiest pair of shoes I own, and I would wear them all the time if I could. Here's some of the ways I wear them:

* hiking. They are very snug, have a sturdy base and have outstanding traction (they grip boulders very well), so I wear them instead of athletic shoes. However, since they are open sandals, my socks tend to get pretty dirty. Also, they don't offer any ankle support, so sometimes my ankles wish I had worn my boots.

* Water sports. I don't do many water sports, but these are perfect for all watersports--seawater or freshwater. I've worn them kayaking and river rafting and they work perfectly (this is about the only time I don't wear them with socks). I think they could get the stench JeffB describes if you use them extensively for water sports, but what footwear wouldn't?

* Exercising. Again, I use them instead of athletic shoes when I exercise on our home equipment.

* Running weekend errands.

* At work. I wear them to work when I can get away with it...usually only Fridays (thank god for casual days!).

* To social events. My wife frowns on this, because they are not particularly stylish, especially with white socks. But I usually throw a temper tantrum that I'm old enough to wear what I want, and then we see who wins the test of wills (sadly, she does most of the time).

As you can see, I wear Tevas whenever I have a choice. I love the combination of foot freedom (like the Birkenstocks) with the tightness of the velcro straps. You'll be amazed at how snug you can make those straps!

My 1995 pair died because the back strap pulled through the base of the sandal. This was after 4 years of pretty aggressive use, so I certainly feel I got my moneys' worth. Plus, I think the 1999 design has fixed or mitigated this flaw.

I disagree with JeffB about the velcro losing its stickiness over time. I have not had this experience, and the newer model has so much velcro, there's ample stickiness power to spare.

My only beef about the newer model is that the straps are a bit too long, meaning that some of the strap is not attached to any velcro and thus can catch on other things. I'm not sure why this is the case, but it's only a minor annoyance.

I sure do love my Tevas. They are the most comfortable footwear I've ever had.

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