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Nov 4, 1999 (Updated Apr 8, 2000)
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Pros:easy to use, highly educational, no bulletin board spam

Cons:no realtime quotes
I am writing about a free website call clearstation. I feel that this is one of the very few great financial websites on the net. The idea behind clearstation is to educate yourself about a stock in order to make a more informed decision about investing. Using a community structure, people can discuss stocks on a bulletin board and even make recommendations to other members. When you first get going on this site, you go to the "focus" page. This shows you how your portfolio is doing, how your stocks in your watch list are doing, and what stocks seem to be worth a first or second look. Not only do you look at a stock chart, its news, or broker recommendation, but you use proven methods like stochastics, MACD, bollinger bands, momentum, volume, trending, EMA, and other factors. These tools can even be used to help you find a stock to buy if you are looking for help. If you are looking to buy, you can see if it is a good time to do so or maybe wait and see. If you are looking to sell or short a stock, you can make determinations through the research. I am not saying that this always works, but there is investing and gambling, and this site makes the market a place to invest. If some of the terms I used are not clear, then check out the site and learn what they are. You will become a better investor!

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