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Alternator Fits Daewoo Forklift G15s G18s 1600 2.7l 1995-07

Alternator Fits Daewoo Forklift G15s G18s 1600 2.7l 1995-07

BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT ALTERNATOR 12 VOLT CW 65 AMP Fits:DAEWOO IND LIFT TRUCK, FORKLIFT G15S 1600 2.7L Hercules Gas 1995-2007 G18S 1600 2.7L Hercules ... More at eBay


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Daewoo PD46C10 46

Daewoo PD46C10 46" Plasma Television

The Daewoo PD46C10 can support HD television broadcasts so there is no need for the user to purchase a special antenna in order to watch his or her fa...
  2 reviews
"DAEWOO PD-46C10 a huge PC screen?"
Reviewed by fald
Don't pay too much for this average product, probably a great PC monitor
Daewoo DTQ-27S2FC 27

Daewoo DTQ-27S2FC 27" CRT Television

The Daewoo DTQ-27S2FC is a standard-definition TV that receives analog signals. The Daewoo 27-inch TV utilizes a 181-channel quartz frequency synthesi...
  4 reviews
"Great TV for the money"
Reviewed by mrmarhanka
Get this if you can't afford something better or are on a budget, or if you just want to save some money and don't watch television much
Daewoo DTQ-14U5SC 14

Daewoo DTQ-14U5SC 14" CRT Television

This Daewoo 14-inch TV is capable of delivering a clear picture and bringing you hours of fun. It's also exciting and reliable. Soap opera addicts a...
  1 review
"Cheap and effective"
Reviewed by angrystan
Quirky cabinet, wonderful reception, just the right size, what more do you really want? Perhaps stereo, SAP, CC3 or S-Video in? However, the price is right.
Daewoo DVD-5800 DVD Player

Daewoo DVD-5800 DVD Player

  8 reviews
"Daewoo DVD-5800 DVD Player"
Reviewed by johncbi
I'm following up on "Big Steve's" review, and hoping to compliment what he has written I purchased two of these players at . . .
Daewoo DV-T47N VCR

Daewoo DV-T47N VCR

  1 review
"nothing but trouble"
Reviewed by rshrieve
Bought this and had trouble the first time I used it. It recorded OK, but would not play back without "skipping". The problem . . .
Daewoo P480 DVD Player

Daewoo P480 DVD Player

  8 reviews
"Lasted six months"
Reviewed by home_alone
Don't buy this thing -- it won't last. Ours had problems from the start, mostly that after playing for fifteen minutes or . . .
Daewoo DVD-S150 DVD Player

Daewoo DVD-S150 DVD Player

  2 reviews
"Great Simple DVD Player"
Reviewed by g-smooth
I have the Daewoo DVD-S150 and it is a good DVD Player. This DVD Player can play both NTSC and PAL video formats. The player . . .
Daewoo DTQ-27U4SC 27

Daewoo DTQ-27U4SC 27" CRT Television

The Daewoo DTQ-27U4SC has such a large screen size, which makes it a solid choice for using in an entertainment center or in a room where a whole fami...
  2 reviews
"Good Picture and Good Sound, Flat Screen, Ample Inputs"
Reviewed by arthur_jay
Great TV for those on a budget, especially if expansion is a requirement.  Avoid it if your interest is an HDTV.
Daewoo .9 cu ft Microwave

Daewoo .9 cu ft Microwave

The Daewoo Microwave has an 900-watt power output with 10 power levels. More at


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Daewoo DTQ-20U6SC 20

Daewoo DTQ-20U6SC 20" Analog CRT Television

With a pair of integrated speakers, the Daewoo DTQ-20U6SC is an analog CRT TV that uses stable technology to provide its users with quality graphics. ...
  1 review
"Good T.V. - For a reasonable price."
Reviewed by jfreeman2400
I would recommend this T.V. to anyone who is wishing to buy a good T.V. at a reasonable price. It's a good solid television.
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