NEW!!!! Country Discoveries Magazine by Reiman Publishers

Apr 6, 2000

Hot off the press is one of the latest NEW NEW issues of Country Discoveries Magazine, the newest from Reiman Publisher's, the same people that produce Country Woman, Quick Cooking, A Taste of Home, etc.
I love the format of all these magazines--number one is the lack of all those ads that take up all the page and leave room for only one or two descriptive sentences, that end in "...continued on page 9000...".
Inside this issue, for March and April, are articles featuring places in each region in the US, as well as discoveries in Europe. Included are Oregon by-ways, fly fishing in Montana, Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan, a Maryland Church, Georgia farms, dolphins in Florida, and much more. Seems they have us covered. There is information on European tours, Elderhostel programs, and destinations of all sorts.
Each issue is filled with color photos, maps, descriptions, and useful information on when featured stores, parks, destinations, etc. are open and phone numbers, web sites, and chamber of commerce information to find out more.
Each issue has different places and people featured. There are regular columns which makes the reader feel like they've found an old friend to talk with. There is "Ask a Travel Expert" that allows the reader to get personalized information about destinations, air fare, trains, currency, etc. Another is "Camera Angles, questions and answers from a professional photographer to help those vacation photos be more than just fuzzy memories. There is also a section on "Treats for Traveling", crative recipes for vacations. Another column is "Compass Points", short descriptions of inns, parks, restaurants, antique fairs, etc. around the country. Those little places that are so charming to visit and so easy to miss if you aren't prepared to find them.
There is also a contest in each issue, with the prize...a trip. It is a scavenger hunt through the photos for specific items which change in each issue. A little something to do while browsing through the spectacular photos and dreaming of your next vacation.
My recommendations are get this magazine, use it, take it with you in the car or on the plane or train. Share the delightful information with those around you, and start to enjoy our world just a little more.
This magazine is published every other month, regular cost is $17.98 per year, although coupons for good deals do exist in each issue or their sister publications. Or visit their web site at
Happy Traveling!!!! (Even if it's just from your favorite armchair).

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