Golden Age Passport (National Parks)

Jan 30, 2000

One of the best deals around if you enjoy and wish to see our US National Parks System is the Golden Age Passport distributed by our National Parks System. The price is $10 for the first time and the card admits you and your guests (one automobile only) to all of the U.S. National Parks FREE for life. The card is issued only to citizens 62 years of age and older and is good only to cover park admissions fees. it is also issued at the park entrance so there is no waiting for something to arrive in the mail.

Now, I don't know if this worth taking good old dirty Uncle Ernie on a day's outing with you, but it certainly a bargain. As an example, I received mine when myself and two friends were visiting Yosemite national Park. The normal fee for the three of us would have been $20. Thanks to the suggestion of a park ranger, I purchased the Golden Age Passport for $10 and we received admission to the park for one-half price (in addition an entrance fee is good for 7 days).

Considering we were traveling to Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks the following day and were admitted free with the Golden Age Passport, this was a special bargain, saving us $30. This is a gift for our older citizens from the government no less. There are no strings attached and it can give you a lifetime of pleasure if you enjoy the outdoors. So, if you are under 62 years of age consider taking mom or dad or your favorite senior citizen next time you visit one of our beautiful National Parks.

Considering I live near both Yosemite and Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks and have several out of city, state and country visitors each year this is a particularly great item for me.

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