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How to buy expensive furniture at 40% off

May 31, 2000 (Updated Jun 15, 2000)
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Pros:brand name furniture at a fraction of the cost

Cons:Do your homework

Do you want to buy the furniture you see in those home decorating magazines? Do you want your house to look like a castle without paying the price? And, no, you don't have to go to North Carolina. Read this review and learn how...

Most of us already know that North Carolina is THE furniture capital of the world. You can get beautiful furniture from companys such as Henredon, Hickory Chair, Harden, Baker, Hekman, Lexington, and many, many many more at about 30 or even 40% off of the prices at your local furniture store. Sounds too good to be true?

Well, the reason North Carolina furniture stores can afford to slash down their prices is because the furniture business is one of THE most profitable businesses. Yes, at first the overhead is expensive. However, furniture stores hike up their prices by as much as 250%!!! Now, you understand why "going out of business" furniture stores can mark down their prices by 50% and STILL make tons of money. Anyway, back to my main point. The stores down in North Carolina get so much business that they don't lose anything by slashing their prices by 30 or 40%. On the contrary, they've earned a reputation as being less expensive. But, watch out for those shipping costs!

Shipping costs can be quite expensive and it can eat up your savings. I recently ordered a motioncraft cross sectional sofa from Shaw Furniture. Initially, I had planned on ordering it from my salesperson at Mallory's Furniture. However, they would have charged me $350 for shipping it, whereas Shaw Furniture charged me $180! That's almost half the cost! So, be careful. Make sure to calculate the shipping costs and the cost of your furniture. Compare that final cost to the cost of your furniture purchase from one of your local furniture stores. For example,

I also recently ordered a leather sofa for my basement. Originally, I had planned on ordering it from North Carolina. However, I stumbled on a company called "The shops at Williamsburg" in my state of Virginia. At first, I was going to ignore it but then I decided to give them a try. It turned out that ordering the sofa, paying taxes on it, and a small shipping cost will cost me less than ordering the same sofa from North Carolina and paying shipping on it. So, once again, make sure to do all of your calculations.

Now, this is how to get started:

Learn about brand-name furniture makers. Who makes fine furniture. You can check them out on the internet... some are, Baker, Henredon, Hickory Chair (HC is my favorite because they give you a lot for your money), Lexington, Hickory White, Hekman, Harden, Pennsylvania House, there are so many.

Go to your local furniture store. When you see something you like (mentally, subtract 30% of the price to see if you might be able to afford it) get the style number (usually written on the sales tag). Also note the manufacturer. If it is an upholestry item get the fabric or leather grade number, name, and the swatch (a piece of the actual fabric or leather). Ask the salesperson for a picture (color preferably) just so that you can keep it for your reference.

Then, get familiar with the stores at North Carolina. I personally have dealt with Mallory's Fine Furniture (they have a web site), Priba Furniture (I haven't ordered anything from them but I have requested prices), Shaw Furniture (ordered my cross sectional), and the Shops of Williamsburg (in Virginia but they also give North Carolina furniture prices!). I've requested prices from Boyles Furniture on a few occasions and have noticed that they are quite expensive compared to the others I've mentioned. Also, Mallory's ships with a third party so all claims will have to go through the shipping company. Shaw personally ships their stuff so you only deal with Shaw Furniture and no third parties. Just make sure to ask all of your questions before you order.

You will have to pay for 1/3 when you place your order (credit card preferably) and you can pay for the rest at the time of delivery (usually by cod cashier's check). Your furniture delivery will happen in about 3 months (that's what they claim but it usually takes a little bit longer... 4 months tops).

When you get your furniture make sure to note any scratches or irregularities. Make sure to check your walls and also note any damage to your house!

Enjoy your furniture, you deserve it, but you don't deserve to pay those rediculous prices at your local furniture store.

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