Flying J Travel Plazas and Truck Stops

May 29, 2000

We have done a lot of driving in the past two years. I have one daughter in college in Alabama, we live in California, and other relatives are living in Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri, so it seems like we are always on the road. Now we are planning to move across country to Georgia. I am planning our itenerary along Interstate 10, and am pleased to see that the Flying J Travel Plazas and Truck stops will be all along the way.

For those of you that think truck stops are only for truckers driving big rigs, you need to take a second look !! They are the ideal places to stop for relaxation, food, and also to amuse the kids. However, not all truck stops are equal, and I prefer to use the Flying J Interstate chains as much as possible.

For gas, and also diesel, I can't beat Flying J's prices. The pumps are easy to use, and are built to accomodate your moving truck and tow dolly. You do not have to worry about clearances for your truck or motor home when trying to refuel.

Most Flying J stops have a variety of things to do for adults as well as kids. There is usually a store/gift shop with all kinds of things that you can buy for the road, as well as food and drink. One thing I like is the Video Book Rentals. You can rent a video book or two at one stop, and then return them at the next one ! This really cuts down the boredom on long drives ! I let the kids pick out one that they like. The stores also have little games and toys that are cheap to buy and entertain for hours. There are loads of novelty gifts, t-shirts, and funny stuff, like the rattle snake in a can, or the California earthquake in a can. This stuff was hilarious to my son when he was little.

Some Flying J's have restaurants in them where you can order pizza or a full dinner. Each Flying J is different so the food and the types are varied too. There are Sub Shops, and even all you can eat buffets in some of the stops. The stores also have hot foods like burritos or fried chicken that you can order to go. I love the fried chicken at our local Flying J here in Thousand Palms, and they also serve great egg rolls, and enchiladas.

Many of the newer Flying J stops have fax and computer services, where you can send or receive a fax, or even check your E-mail. There are usually fees involved with this, and you should check with the desk before using these services. I noticed in the restaurants, there were sometimes telephones at the dining booths, and little televisions that cost 50 cents to run for a few minutes at a time. These things are fun for the kids, but expensive for parents, so look out !!

Some Flying J's now have showers, and even rooms you can rent by the hour or the evening. These are tightly regulated, and are mainly in use by the truckers, but families may find these items useful too. Most all of the stops do have full service hotels and motels within walking distance, if truck stops are not where you feel comfortable sleeping. Flying J does have a frequent fueler program where you can get further discounts on fueling, food, and other services.

There is usually ample space for the kids to run and play, walk the dog, and generally stretch the limbs after long rides. Flying J's are located nation wide, and are usually along major interstate freeways. Look for them the next time you take a long car ride. You might be surprised at what you discover there !

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