Stop the Runs before they Stop you!

May 31, 2000

I am currently undergoing heavy medical treatment for which I must travel 6 hours from my home to Cincinnati, Ohio quite frequently. With the medications that they have me on currently, as well as a recent gall bladder surgery, there are times that I must stop frequently, like it or not.
There are many days that I feel like posting a sign, "IF you are looking for Becky, slide a note under the bathroom door!!!" It is honestly that bad!
It seems as if the really bad days always seem to hit me when it's time to make that endless journey for more poking and prodding by those cold handed doctors.
I have finally found something that seems to help me make that trip with a little more ease that before, which makes my husband happy, since he doesn't have to swerve on and off of the highways to hit every restaurant, gas station, and any other place with a restroom.
Immodium-AD is the best little pill ever created! It relieves the runs to the bathroom, takes care of abdominal pain and discomfort and leaves me knowing that accidents will not occur!
Granted, depending upon the severity of your case, one single dose may not cure you. I have had days where I have had to take the initial dose of 2 pills, followed by the pill every hour or so afterward. I don't like taking medication any better than anyone else, and you'd understand if you'd see the home pharmacy that I am forced to feed myself daily.
I can assure you that you can rest comfortably if you have to take this medication. I haven't had a case yet that Immodium didn't eventually cure for me. Thank God and the makers of Immodium AD.... oh and just a tip, the generic brand found at CVS, WalMart, and others works just as well! =)
Now, if you need me, I'll be in the bathroom, where I've been all day long, on and off. That's what I get for running out of Immodium AD!

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