Packing for dummies

Jun 8, 2000

Have you ever noticed that packing for a trip takes allot longer than going on it? traveling has become more like a chore than fun. Even though you do have fun when you are on the trip it is quite a pain to pack and prepare for it. I have found through my countless years that getting ready for trips takes at least 2 weeks. In each day of the two weeks one must accomplish many things.

The first is the most important FIND SOMEWHERE TO TRAVEL! After you have figured out where you are going than nothing can stop you from going right? Wrong. After you decided where to go you must select your travel companions. It is the most fun to go with a group or a significant other. Traveling by yourself cant be that bad but it can pose as a problem if you are shaken up easily. Most people travel in groups because then you have other people to discuss the trip with. And it might also be allot more fun to take many pictures of the same thing to deicide who is the better photographer. No matter how many pictures you take you will never cover the entire trip. It is best to take at least five rolls of film with you to make sure you can capture EVER KODAK MOMENT. So try not to take pictures of dogs pooping or children playing chess, because it might not capture the moment.

After deciding where you are going and who you will go with you can finalize the plans with the shopping. Once you buy everything for the trip you are almost guaranteed to go on it. Why else would you spend money on the fishing rods, camping gear, sun block, film, suitcases,passport, passport pouch,foreign currency, etc. So as you can see there are many important steps to take before you travel to infinity and beyond. And most of all you need to pace yourself so you dont get to worn out. Sometimes the planning takes the most energy out of you. With some other people to share the travel chores with there wont be any need for the nap on the plane. And you can avoid the dark circles under the eyes.

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