Jan 24, 2000

when my friends and i were trying to put together a trip to Florida recently, we used GoCheap.com (also 1800-GoCheap). The staff that helped us were curtious and helpful in finding us the cheapest and best possible airfare, or cruise-lines. GoCheap is the best possible way that I could recomend to satisfy cheap travel plans. They are reliable in their service and in their sending the tickets and itinerarys.
When you call them, you must wait until the next available agent, which is to be expected from most phone services. Yet when you call them, they are promt in asking you what type of travel plans you are looking into. Once that has been esteablished, they ask about where you want to leave from and where your destination is. Then they give you your best possible travel plans.
When you use their online service it is just as easy and reliable. You feel as if you are a real person instead of just another customer.
I definitely recommend using this service whenever necessary.

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