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Aug 10, 2000

It would be a little conceited for me to say we have the very best method for overseas travel, both for families and individuals. That is an individual decision.

However, the "cheese and kisses, er, missus, er, Mrs., er wife and I have developed a plan which, to us, gives the best of both worlds and works exceedingly well.

The first consideration is, at least with us, always the cost. We have found the heavily promoted tours to be the most cost effective, which invariably include airfares, accommodation, airport transfers and touring generally by Bus. To purchase these items individually is about one third more expensive.

However, these packages have one major, unacceptable flaw. That is that the daily touring visiting all the usual tourist haunts is about as inviting as lying in a coffin for three weeks.

So, how to resolve this while still retaining the huge cost advantage?

There are packages available that simply land you in the country of your choice and at the preferred city of entry. Accommodation and transfers are included but very little else, except for one very important thing. That is, every three or four days,included is a flight to the next desired city or point within that country, once again at
a very much reduced price. Transfer to the hotel is also covered and of course the cost of the "new" accommodation is also in the cost of the package.

The idea is that we have reached the overseas country, spent the first three or four days seeing what we want for as long as we want to see it, and then moved on to repeat the process elsewhere. We have not been bored witless by a two hour tour through something of absolutely no interest, nor have we been hurried out of something that really does hold our attention.

Nor were we confined to a bus with some raucous, loud mouthed twit for three weeks.
Even my "cheese and kisses" doesn't quite fit that description, but then it wouldn't matter if she did because I promised to love, cherish and all that stuff in a weak moment and in some obscure church nearly thirty years ago. Heavens above, thirty years, I wouldn't even get that for murder in this country and I would have a chance of parole. Life can be hell.

Any way, as I was saying. On this trip we were hardly aware who was on the packaged tour we had purchased. The organisers had thrown in a little surprise without telling anybody, and that was that soon after arrival in each significant city, a two hour bus tour was offered, not to sightsee as such, but to help us get our bearings. We found this of great value, one good example being that, in our trusty rented car, we were
able to drive from the hotel in the centre of San Fancisco all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge in about two hours instead of an unknown number of days, maybe weeks, and yet that damn liar at the car rental joint insisted it was only ten to fifteen minutes away! I "tackled" him when we got back that evening, (we were about ten years older), and all he did was laugh. I still don't know why he laughed. Never mind,
the rest of the Yanks, er Americans we met were quite friendly, even the white tribe which seems to be the most populous.

Seriously folks, I do commend this method of travel for your most serious
consideration, whether for one, two or the whole family.

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