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Give us more, Jay!!

Mar 31, 2000
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Hilarious! How many products have you ever bought that didn't perform nearly as well as you'd hoped? Or, had some little annoying problems? Jay points out some annoying little things that others have noticed too, stating his opinion, or, epinion, in a way that many would like to utilize on a few annoying machines in their own lives. I have a machine at my work that I would love to take a couple shots at too. Don't we all?

How many people honestly could say that at some point in their life, they didn't own a vehicle they would send over a cliff if they could afford it? Jay taps that feeling very well. Opinionated? Sure, isn't that what epinions is about?

Jay needs to make more ads! Lets see him take out a few Beany Babies! Hey, how about a Yugo! Remember those junk heaps! How about Barney, Elmo and the Muppets, Hanson dolls, or Pokemon. Jay could become an Pokemon master, his way! I'd love to see some of those, and I'd bet a lot of others would too.

Thanks Jay, you made my day a humorous one. As for all the whiners moaning about your politically correct stance on guns, iMacs, or any other "issue", write your epinion. Jay got me to do it, maybe he'll get you too.

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