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For the love of GOD, NO!

Mar 19, 2000
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Pros:Beanie Baby ending is funny, I guess...

Cons:Unintelligent shock value

This commercial is TRASH!!! I recognize that the idea of these commercials is to get member opinions out there. But what is an incredibly negative ad like this supposed to accomplish? Pretty much, it seems as if the creator of this commercial has a personal vendetta against a popular product. Moreover, instead of relying on an INTELLIGENT and catchy commercial for Epinions, he relies on shock value- "I'm going to shoot the crud out of this computer and dump all over it. Aren't I cute?" Finally, I think that associating this type of review with Epinions would be disastrous. Apple would come after you guys so fast it would make your heads spin. Steve Jobs isn't as rich as Bill Gates, but I'd be willing to bet his lawyers are just as good.

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