Breast Pump

Breast Pump

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What the heck is that??!

Mar 11, 2000
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Pros:Sounds like a power tool!

Cons:Power tools wern't ment for use on the human body

Doggies! I've seen everything now! Is that a Wagner Power Painter bein operated in reverse or what?! What will these enterprisin' breastfeeders think of next? The thing's louder than my Eager Beaver Chain saw!

What i don't understand is how Mommy's milk gets through the dress. Is it a trick or do ya got to cut a tiny hole in it? It seems like alot a trouble ta go through just ta feed a cat.

I think the commercial would be better as an infomercial with the English fella demonstratin' it on the Perky Lady.

I would recommend this here commercial - only iffin ya want ta scare people away!

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