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A Concept, But Not a Commercial

May 26, 2000
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Pros:A clever idea

Cons:Too slow and looks like it was made by an amateur

This was a brilliant concept for a commercial. It's clever and attention grabbing while still saying something about the product (Epinions). It's just edgy enough to seem cool to our target audience (the computer savvy, usually twenties and younger) while not being too edgy for a lot of older people.
But something is lost in the execution. Firstly, the shaky camera just says "unprofessional." And the reviewer seems to babble on forever, making Epinions seem to be a bunch of long-winded reviews. Most of this is because of his performance and the editing. There are not NEARLY enough cuts in this. This serves to make his speech and the commercial seem way too long, but it also underlines the lack of professionalism int he making of this commercial. This should be quick and clever. Plus, his easy-going poking at the iMac doesn't mesh with blasting away at it with a gun. He should be speaking in bullet points (the pun is VERY intentional).
I think that if I heard about this commercial, I'd think it was cool and fun. Seeing it, however is a very different story. A reshoot would greatly benefit this. Maybe I could make it!

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