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A Waste...

Mar 16, 2000
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Pros:possibly appeals to hillbillies

Cons:i honestly don't have enough room here to list them all

This commercial is neither funny nor accurate, and therefore is completely ineffective. In order to have a positive impact, a commercial must give people either something to laugh at, or something that they can relate to, and this ad accomplishes neither. The character attempts humor through sarcasm, and comes off as either a bit of a redneck, or a bit insane. I don't know anybody who can relate to the idea of being so frustrated with a computer that they would destroy it, by a gun or any other means. The ad fails in its attempt to gain publicity or Epinions, because after watching this ad I got the feeling that Epinions was simply another anti-Macintosh site or a site exclusively devoted to computer topics, and if i weren't already a member this commercial would not have made me join. My final point is that I think this commercial was a terrible waste of time, energy, and a $1,500 machine that could have been put to much better use.

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