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Where's the Beef?

Mar 14, 2000
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Pros:Clear, concise message

Cons:Poor sound realism

Why, I wonder to myself, has this commercial 'generated a lot of discussion' anywhere?

Is it overly violent? (No.)

Does it glorify the senseless killing of innocent PCs? (No.)

Does it portray PC-shooting in a light that would cause our nation's children to turn to a debauched life as shooting range junkies? (No.)

Is this commercial being 'discussed' simply because it contains a handgun? (I reluctantly conclude, yes.)

The simple appearance of a handgun must have caused some of the more 'sensitive' to soil themselves in fear. "If we show this commercial, schoolchildren's computers will die in a hail of handgun fire."

Folks, this is a non-issue. The commercial effectively communicates its intended message. It does so with humor -- humor, I might add, that denigrates no one, that is not born of 'hate', that does not ridicule some for the amusement of others.

There really isn't much to 'discuss' here.

Unless ... it's being discussed because of the implied threat to endangered Beanie Babies(tm)?

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