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Immature Approach

Mar 16, 2000
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Pros:Safety wear on person.

Cons:Pro Violence, Immaturity, Stupid.

My opinion on this ad, was that it was an immature approach with the childish inclination that "My dog's better than your dog" theory.

The fact that this young man was in a shooting range, blasting away at an iMac computer, with no thought about the underlying message he was conveying...rather blew me away.

I worked in a school system where guns were beginning to show up on an regular basis...which was terrifying to me, so I quit. This ad just shows the students that there is now another reason to bring weapons to school.

Advertising needs to realize the impact that it has on young minds, but then, maybe it does and it just doesn't care. Pokemon is everywhere and it's a vile cartoon, but advertisers only see the monetary outcome...not what it's doing to children or the nerves of parents.

This ad was nothing more than mud slinging and you have to wonder if Bill Gates isn't behind the ad. I myself prefer an IBM compatible computer,
but have never thought about going out and shooting an iMac. I say to each their own.

This ad saddened me...I'm upset that Epinions even considered it. I thought the site had more class than that.

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