Survey Results for Shopper Epinions surveys customers on behalf of after they complete their purchase, and then again after a period of time to check how their orders were processed. We summarize the responses to the survey as feedback for We also publish reviews and overall ratings from the survey to help users make informed decisions about where to shop online. This portion of the survey is delivered several days or weeks after the initial section, so customers can comment on their purchase experience after they have had a chance to receive their order. Look for our survey questionnaire when you make online purchases in the future!

Recent Survey Responses
  Date Written Response Merchant Rating
  Jan 17, 2012 It was really good and I like the...  
  Jun 14, 2011 I was very pleased with the service and...  
  May 27, 2011 didn't receive a rebate.6 question  
  May 19, 2011 It went fine.  
  May 12, 2011 I have not receive my purchase yet  
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