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I'm back. Waiting for Lorace to give me another piece of poetry  more
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Oct 8, 2006 Great News and Glad Tidings Writer's Corner: General Non-Fiction
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Sep 26, 2006 TATAN’KA LYOTA’’KA, A GREAT INDIAN CHIEF Called Sitting Bull Sitting Bull and His World
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Sep 8, 2006 Our Last River Rapids Ride at Disneyworld Kali River Rapids
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About Granniemose
I am a great grandma in her eighties. I have four children, eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren with one more pending. I don't know just how many grand and great grand dogs and cats and lizsrds and birds and so forth my kids, grand kids and great grand kids have. Ny daughter, Artbyjude, and I live together, and have recently moved to Knoxville to be near my youngest son and his family. Jude was raised in Cleveland Ohio and since her college days has lived in New York city, and in New Mexico and Durango, Colorado. Since she and I have now combined our households, we have lived in Tennessee, Missippi and North Carolina. We both feel that the place we are now will be our last place. I like crossword puzzles, writing, and I liked needlecraft before it started giving my eyes a hard time. Despite my years I am in reasonably good health, I have met a few of the people of Epinions, and have enjoyed them a lot, as well as so many of the people I have met simply through their writings. I am slowly teaching my computer who is boss but it has been a slow process. My seven year old grandchild catches on more quickly then I do. I love the writer's corner especially and have been amazed at the creativity of most of the authors in the Epinion family. Since I have now told you more then you wanted to know, I will simply say thank you for letting me be a part of your lives. Virginia