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Five young adult novels; one short story collection; currently freelance writer.  more
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Victoria Perkins began writing at a young age and story-telling even younger. Legend says that as a small child, she would banish her mother from her room, insisting that she wanted to ‘play by myself,’ and proceed to create elaborate tales with her toys. As a third-grader, she wrote her first story The Conny Twins and the Lost Gold Mine and immediately followed it with its sequel, The Conny Twins and the Case of the Butterfly, complete with illustrations. Fortunately, by the time she reached junior high, she’d abandoned the artist portion of story-telling and began on the first draft of what would eventually become her first novel, Reeves’s Island. Published by iUniverse in 2005, it was removed from the market in 2010 and re-released in 2010 under the more grammatically acceptable title of Reeves’ Island and contains several short stories for a new ending.In 2007, Perkins released her first novel with PublishAmerica, The Last Summer, and it was followed in 2009 by Three, Two, One. In 2011, she released the paranormal romance My Immortal, ‘m Cara which was made available through Amazon Kindle in 2012. In 2013, a new edition of My Immortal, ‘m Cara was released with a new cover and an appendix containing translations of phrases from the book. A short story collection, This Weak and Idle Theme, was released in 2013 and contains both previously published and never-before-seen works. Her fifth novel, The Dragon Three, will be released by AEC Stellar Publishing in the spring of 2014. Perkins is currently employed as a freelance writer and has contributed to close to a hundred short stories, novellas and full-length novels for clients all over the world. She makes her home in northeastern Ohio near her family, including her nieces and nephews who are, in her un-biased opinion, the cutest kids ever.