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fuche_bu Busy at work and missing a lot of epinions fun.
Location: West Bristol, PA
Jun 13, 2005

joe-uncool Sorry, got involved in school. Will get back to Eps full fledge soon.
Location: Cranbury, NJ, USA
Nov 20, 2004

annecal Road test drivers over 75!!
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Mar 19, 2003

OpalMan Excuse the dust! Page is under construction.
Location: Covina, Ca
Feb 10, 2003

randomkill Don't judge a book by its movie.
Location: Dog Town CA
Jan 13, 2003

vadimio About to reach 250,000 visits - shortly followed by a return to this site!
Location: DC
Jan 13, 2003

lambchops Hello, Epinions world!
Location: Metro Detroit, Michigan
Jan 9, 2003

youngchinq Happy-go-unlucky
Location: Columbus, OH
Jan 7, 2003

surferdude7 Location: Elizabethtown, Ky. Dec 29, 2002

StarSoldier1 Have you played a Dud today? videogames101
Oct 30, 2002

jeremy1456 Avid Video Game Collector. Powering Through the Classics All Over Again.
Oct 25, 2002

JFrink26 I love history. Some other things as well.
Location: Philadelphia PA
Oct 23, 2002

swanton00 Crazy slightly updated profile is in the works!
Location: Mass
Oct 23, 2002

Slusy Back from Junior Seau style retirement...
Location: Red Sox Nation
Oct 23, 2002

november-rain Hello.
Location: confines of gravity
Oct 22, 2002

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