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I am a young man from Texas. I have always been mechanical. I have a Team Associated Nitro TC3 Team Edition radio control 1/10th scale car that hits 60 mph...that I built myself. Gotta catch my breath. I play videogames, read magazines, walk the dog, have a crappy job, get on the 'net, and drive an old '94 red Ford Mustang convertible. I'm seeking a new job. I mostly use Epinions to learn about different motorcycles. I got my Motorcycle liscense October 2005, but have yet to buy a motorcycle. I find motorcycles to be quite fascinating.... The bikes I'm thinking of purchasing are: Suzuki GZ 250 Suzuki S40 Suzuki S50 Suzuki SV650 (red, 2006) Yamaha Virago 250 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Kawasaki Ninja 500R Kawasaki Vulcan 500 Ltd I'm trying to keep the weight down, in lbs. and dollars...haha. I enjoy standards...I don't have to have all the flashy crap, but wouldn't mind it either. I also like sports cars...but they are so much more expensive. You'd have to pay $35,000 to get a car that can match the 0-60 time of a $3,000 standard Kawasaki Ninja 250R...lol. That's ridiculous! If I designed a car it would be sort of like the Volkswagon GX3--but without the chain drive. And it'd weigh a lot less...and be in my garage. I like simplicity. And I like girls...yeah can't forget them! Whew! I'm single--for all you young women out there checking out them crotch rockets here on Epinions. Peace out.