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Location: Baltimore, Md. USA
About Me: But wait, thereís more! Iíll entertain and inform with my reviews! My promise to you!

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shoplmart It's all about hydrogen....
Location: Atlantic Coast
Jul 26, 2008

winshawn Mechanical Engineer, Dad, with Wife and two little girls.
Location: Danville, CA
Aug 26, 2006

CindyJean My Christmas Picks: The 10 Best Christmas Movies.
Location: Oregon
Aug 5, 2004

manal_fouz Location: Washington DC Aug 2, 2003

jetbluefan1 If the opposite of pro is con, then what is the opposite of progress?
Location: New York
Jun 8, 2003

tombarnes Hotel manager in Washington, D.C.
Location: Washington, DC
Jun 8, 2003

pogomom Web/puter person who, disguised as mild-mannered Pogomom, offers unsolicited opinions to all she encounters.
Nov 9, 2001

Kittyokc Please email me if you have questions regarding a rating or just general questions.
Location: Oklahoma
Nov 6, 2001

lizf A writer is a controlled schizophrenic. Edward Albee
Location: VA
Nov 6, 2001

mike.holmes May we all honor President Obama's message tonight and pray for those hurt in Tucson.
Location: Odessa, Texas
Nov 6, 2001

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