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About Me: Well-behaved women seldom make history ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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chelledun I've been at this for 10 years now!
Location: The Hoosier State
Jun 17, 2006

ChrisJarmick Best Recent Documentaries
Location: Seattle
Aug 15, 2001

CindyJean My Christmas Picks: The 10 Best Christmas Movies.
Location: Oregon
May 20, 2001

cinnamngrl cinn5825 at netscape dot net
Location: Dorchester, MA
Dec 30, 2007

CJsMommy Connect to me on LinkedIn!
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Apr 29, 2002

cletta1201 All I want is everything.
Location: Northern Virginia
Jun 14, 2002

cmuir RIP Lady Cynic, I am going to miss you my friend
Location: Northwest Pa.
Feb 22, 2008

cntaur5 I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.
Location: Georgia
Jun 13, 2001

colonialpara Back home and playing as much golf as time and the weather will permit.
Location: Nearest golf course
Dec 14, 2004

copernicus planning to write more soon...that's the idea anyway!
Location: Hopefully taking photos somewhere
Jul 21, 2001

cr01 Laughing in the face of "helpful". One-time Travel CL at Eeps. Lead writer at http://www.westcoast-usa-roadtrip.com/
Location: Yorkshire, England
Aug 1, 2004

CyndiA The first and greatest commandment is, donít let them scare you. Elmer Davis
Location: out in the yard grilling
Mar 30, 2003

d_fienberg Since I'm actually updating it, check out my blog (that "Check the Fien Print" thing)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Jul 10, 2002

DavidMac Alice, a story in nine parts, posted on Sept 24, 2008 - http://www.epinions.com/content_5241348228
Location: Prince Edward Island
Jan 26, 2005

deaser26 ...jazz was never meant to be a museum piece, under glass... Miles Davis
Location: Land of Bweebada Babada
Aug 28, 2001

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