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About arielle91
I am a professionaly trained musician who loves to dabble in art of many forms...since I like to put food on the table, I have chosen not to pursue a professional career in either of these passions, despite my gut instincts and the urging of family and friends.

My formal education is in law enforcement and again, since I like to have a roof over my head, I have resigned from the Department. Unfortunately, I am unable to completely escape from this field as I have been requested to become an instructor and have done freelance writing in this field.

As a previous Customer Service Supervisor, I know what to look for in products and service. As a Director of MIS, I am challenging myself to learn about the ever-changing world of technology.

I am also a contractor, acquiring accounting and bookkeeping work as a sub-contractor for an established accounting and bookkeeping company. I also do contracting work in the world of design.

I was taught to be a resourceful person and that one can never gain too much knowledge. My parents have guided me to become a renaissance woman, sort of speak, as I have acquired a wide variety of interests and skills.

I am a very fair person who is not easily influenced or persuaded by trends or by others. My daughter keeps me grounded and helps me see things in new perspectives, especially when I feel as though the world in on my shoulders.