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About Me: A sourdough = a person born in Alaska Territory.

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Mom2TyZick Real Estate Rock Star
Location: North Carolina
Nov 30, 2007

Ready2bmom Mommy to a special needs pre schooler, and a gifted 5th grader!
Location: South Florida(land of hurricanes)
Nov 21, 2007

customeright Small business owner, Dad, coffee-holic, and recovering cynic.
Location: Boulder, CO, USA
Nov 21, 2007

walkerpkw Warning! Epinions may be addictive. Sessions lasting more than 4 hours may cause permanent damage.
Location: California
Nov 13, 2007

pmills1210 "Nothing in moderation." - Ernie Kovacs. Read and enjoy!
Location: East Chicago, In.
Nov 11, 2007

kittie74 Don't be so open-minded that your brain falls out...
Location: Johnson City, Tennessee
Nov 10, 2007

artemis8 I love reading with my son and I'm a cat lover too.
Location: Kansas City, MO
Nov 6, 2007

phungus Want to know about my Hurricane Katrina experience? See KatrinaWedding.com.
Location: Biloxi, MS
Oct 1, 2007

Gr8ful Over-the-hill has offically been moved to age 90 by popular demand
Location: Appomattox, Virginia
Sep 13, 2007

miller1611 Happy, stay-at-home mom with tons of interests!
Location: Sweet Home Alabama
Sep 6, 2007

quipowerty Bring Back the Twin Towers! Save New York City from the NIMBY's! Thank You.
Location: Queens, NY
Jul 10, 2007

theresaro Wow its been a very long time.. My account got deactivated. Had to react.
Jul 6, 2007

tuffyt Working mother of four children, one girl and three boys.
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Jun 28, 2007

melissasrn Trying to roll with the changes!
Location: East Tennessee
Jun 13, 2007

lonelyladyk I love to read and write anything, poetry, fiction, short stories, just about anything.
Location: Hershey Pa
Jun 5, 2007

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