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About Me: Never go outside. There are bad things there.

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smallmouth Tips for Members, New and Old!
Location: Up North'
Dec 20, 2007

gotahemmi55 Check out my A to Z Write-Off
Location: Graytown, OH
Dec 19, 2007

holy_diver Freedom is subjective. One man's version of freedom is another man's version of hell.
Location: Haverhill, MA, Estados Unidos de America
Nov 11, 2007

SpookyMonkey Spookymonkey - Occam's Gillette Mach 3 Turbo.
Location: Gulf Shores, AL
Sep 9, 2007

alice_headband Spiky and fragrant. Like big words and bowls of soup.
Location: Barnstaple, Devon
Aug 13, 2007

aries_hu I am an representative of local government of Pilis city and owner Aries sites.
Location: Pilis, Pest, Hungary
Aug 12, 2007

brian_lettsin Never go outside. There are bad things there.
Aug 9, 2007

pmills1210 "Nothing in moderation." - Ernie Kovacs. Read and enjoy!
Location: East Chicago, In.
Aug 7, 2007

andym173 Ahoy!
Location: Lanarkshire, Scotland
Aug 2, 2007

wansteader I was born in London and have lived here most of my life.
Location: London, UK
Jun 17, 2007

buffoonery Patience is a virtue that I lack. Among others.
Location: Lake Forest, Illinois
Jun 16, 2007

mike.holmes May we all honor President Obama's message tonight and pray for those hurt in Tucson.
Location: Odessa, Texas
Jun 11, 2007

Location: South Jersey
May 24, 2007

peacebear40 married with children
Location: Florida
Apr 27, 2007

fuche_bu Busy at work and missing a lot of epinions fun.
Location: West Bristol, PA
Apr 17, 2007

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