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About Me: Instructional Technology Educator

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Susie-34668 Enjoying the Florida sun
Location: Florida.
Oct 1, 2005

dlstewart Always looking for quality at bargain prices. Author of: Mist-Seer and Harriet's Horrible Hair Day.
Location: Massachusetts -- USA
Aug 3, 2005

popsrocks At This Time SAPs Cannot Be Input...Perhaps in the future.
Location: Long Island, New York
Jun 29, 2005

lorace No matter how you spell it, L-U-V_still says_LOVE! Hope your day is full of it!
Location: The Heavenly Realm
Jun 23, 2005

three_ster A Great Snow Blower!
Location: Somewhere near the land of the lost
Jun 13, 2005

Kittyokc Please email me if you have questions regarding a rating or just general questions.
Location: Oklahoma
Jun 9, 2005

megugrrrl Location: Oakland Jun 7, 2005

xyzwyatt I <3 Mickey Mouse.
Location: Nashville, TN
Jun 4, 2005

Bruguru Christmas in July Write off is back!
Location: Canton, Georgia.
Jun 3, 2005

Howard_Creech To see some of my images follow this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/Howard_Creech/
Location: Louisville, KY
Jun 2, 2005

George_Chabot Seek truth and pursue it steadily. George Washington
Location: Atlanta. GA. USA
May 31, 2005

Birdfeather Need a wireless router?
Location: Louisiana
May 31, 2005

Freak369 7% Terminator, 4% silicone, 38% muscle, 51% freak
May 29, 2005

mountainhigh Sometimes, a miracle will happen before you realize it did
Location: Beautiful Pacific Northwest
May 29, 2005

Bryan_Carey Location: Houston, TX May 11, 2005

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