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millinocket Questions about site changes? Email me or check the member center!
Location: Wisconsin
Sep 12, 2013

kuuleimomi Gotta be brilliant
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Aug 25, 2013

pestyside Join the 2014 Resolution Number 2 Write Off
Location: Houston
Aug 4, 2013

christal Epinions Community Manager
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Jul 19, 2012

devv Mgmt professional, writer, pianist, photographer, dog trainer and mystery hunter to name a few.
Location: Bangalore City, India
Jun 21, 2012

nick7jq Hey, how is it going
Location: Sunrise, Fl
Jun 19, 2012

trailhound Long Live Epinions?
Location: Denver
Apr 26, 2012

palmaviolets Mar 23, 2012

nagels Looking for a good biographer
Location: Maryland
Nov 25, 2011

shallpass21 I'm an English major, editor of a literary magazine, I love music and video games.
Nov 3, 2011

talyseon The Trekkie in me is geeking out! Star Trek: Into Darkness
Location: Texarkana, AR
Jan 20, 2010

simplyironic Hi I'm Caitlin!
Oct 19, 2009

csmithesq I learn for a living. No, seriously.
Oct 16, 2009

dramastef Please rate the review... not how you feel about the reviewer or his/her practices.
Location: a bit north of the Motor City
Aug 12, 2009

chilliwi I'm around here somewhere
Location: Hop, skip, and a jump from a great lake
Jul 26, 2009

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