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Date Written Review Title Product / Topic Product Rating Review Rating
May 18, 2004 Speaks For Itself: Nancy Meyers' aptly titled Something's Gotta Give HASH(0xaedb3f0)
in Movies
  Product Rating: 2.0    Very Helpful
May 10, 2004 Fanboy's Trick or Treat: Alkaline Trio's Halloween at the Metro Product info temporarily unavailable.
Category info temporarily unavailable.
  Product Rating: 3.0    Very Helpful
Nov 21, 2003 Later Daze: Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later 28 Days Later (DVD, 2008, Canadian; Widescreen; Lenticular)
in Movies
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
Aug 28, 2003 Face to Face to Face: Nunally Johnson's The Three Faces of Eve HASH(0xb126ab0)
in Movies
  Product Rating: 3.0    Very Helpful
Aug 22, 2003 Hark, Harry Angel Sings: Alan Parker's Angel Heart Angel Heart (DVD, 2008, Canadian; Special Edition; Widescreen)
in Movies
  Product Rating: 4.0    Very Helpful
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#662 in Music: I wanna be unusual... I wanna be punk rock!
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About dancingpotato

I'm just a kid from Canada. Yep. The generic kid from Canada. Okay. I'm 17, male, 6', brown hair, brown eyes, weight undisclosed at this time. My favorite movie is The Godfather, my favorite band is Alkaline Trio, my favorite book is Breakfast of Champions. My favorite TV show is The Simpsons. I'm currently in the 11th grade.

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Thanks to Sordid-1 for help on the page. Expect a re-haul soon; a lot of the stuff here was extremely outdated. I'm sure half of the people below don't write anymore; I'll check on that someone other time though.

A shout-out to some great writers, why not?

mangiotto: A better movie critic than most of the people who actually get paid for it. Knows how to trash a bad movie and do a great one justice.

Alkaiser: A Games Advisor mostly, but often branches out in other subject. An authority on Games, Fast Food and J-Pop. Often very funny.

jkkelley: One of the funniest people I have ever read online. Doesn't really specialize in anything except writing funny, intelligent stuff that makes me laugh out loud, on various topics and products.

Sordid-1: Funny, sometimes strange but always entertaining. he "fezzes" people and writes gut-busting stuff. He's also the one to thank for this whole debacle of a profile page.

winick: Reviews books and movies. His tastes in music (and to a lesser extent, movies) are eclectic, ranging from Lou Reed to the Ramones. He can sum up his entire thoughts in one word. Pretty nifty, eh?

Grouch: The grand messiah of Movies and Books, and a minor messiah in music. He's seen just about every movie you can name, read his way through most of Alaska and wrote some of the very ebst reviews this site has to offer.

kris-kochanski: I have no idea why she wasn't on my list earlier, but anyway. Funny while ALWAYS remaining on topic. She's one of the handful that can make me laugh out loud.

LessThanNick1: The resident punk rock reviewer whose interests go further than that. Always great to ead, pushed me onto some great bands, seems to have slowed down in the last few weeks.

scott29: Another great movie reviewer. Reliable, funny and I usually agree with what he says. (Usually.)

MrsNormanMaine: An early potato supporter. Andy brings a distinct feel to his reviews (yes, it's a he, Vicki Lester is a character. I'm probably the last one to know this, too.) by developing the character of Vicki Lester. Plus, his/her taste in movies ain't half bad.

Mike_Bracken: Tired of seeing the same Hollywood crap? Feel like curling up to a Japanese samurai movie with lizards that puke up explosive midgets? Then click the linky thing and check out Mike Bracken's reviews of various cult horror flicks. I guarantee you won't know 80% of the movies he's talking about, but you'll still want to see them.

BrianKoller: The legendary Brian Koller. His omnipresence is a bit scary, but his reviews are great. Known for being extremely meticulous in his review, grading on a scale of 1 to 100 and you know that he thinks about carefully beforehand. For better access to his reviews, visit his site, filmsgraded.com which links his reviews here anyway.

JackSommersby: Jack is a great reviewer who generally thinks in a different way than others. Don't be surprised if you see one of his reviews butchering a well-loved movie. He writes what we wouldn't think of thinking. (Ooh, deep.)

MegaSoul: Back when I discovered MegaSoul, he was "on hiatus". I'm glad to see he's finally back. Reviews B-movies with a incomparable style. Very entertaining.

More to come, as I am lazy and I don't want to spend my life pimping for other writers. (He he.)