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Location: Pueblo, CO
About Me: I reside in Pueblo, CO where I've lived for the past 19 years.

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TheDOZ I throw peanuts at old ladies.
Location: Fresno Ca.
May 27, 2002

cinthea Location: Arizona, USA May 15, 2001

JMB623 Write as if your reader knows nothing about the subject.

djgeiger I am a writer and the Exotic Pets Editor for BellaOnline.com.
Location: Huron, South Dakota USA

bigtrouble54 Took me 10 years to get here but I am back!
Location: Apache Junction, Arizona

elunsford Location: Springfield, MA -

aaanativearts Location: East Texas, USA -

azig15 Location: Long Island, NY -

BlackCat2 *Shake it off and Step Up*
Location: San Marcos Texas

achoo Location: NY -

Newlywed Location: Anchorage, AK -

RBradford I'm a Computer Hardware, Software, and Gadget Junkie.
Location: Dallas, TX

Pabear Location: Lake Worth, Florida -

KCfizzgig getting back into epinions if my computer would stop closing the site on me.
Location: Somerset, New Jersey

stpat -

ccnrchi -

harveypeters Location: Hillsboro, KS -

imwicked2 -

mmcvity -

RyanJulian -

lerchmo Location: sandy or -

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