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Location: Michigan
About Me: When you are blessed you should be a blessing! :)

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Don_Krider Fan of power pop (Raspberries, Badfinger, Cheap Trick, The Knack, Romantics, Slade,Sweet...) --- "Play On"!!!
Location: USA
Sep 28, 2007

jdornoff Freelance Photographer and Writer, Urban Planning student
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Oct 22, 2007

iluvbirds Coming back to do some writing.
Location: Temecula, Ca
Oct 25, 2007

carstairs38 Getting hooked on Veronica Mars all over again.
Location: Sunny Southern CA
Dec 1, 2007

busby777 Tessa B. Dick, author, host of a weekly internet radio show on Freedomizer Radio
Location: Crestline, CA
Dec 5, 2007

goldjay So much I want to write about....so little time!
Location: Maryland
Dec 20, 2007

befus "We read to know that we are not alone." ~C.S. Lewis
Location: post-industrial town that time forgot
Jan 9, 2008

badbonz0007 I am finally done writing my first novel called "Death of a Family".
Location: IN. United States
Jan 28, 2008

summer16 We had a baby girl 2/20/08. She joins her two big brothers(5 and 3).
Location: New Jersey
Feb 11, 2008

pestyside Join the 2014 Resolution Number 2 Write Off
Location: Houston
Feb 21, 2008

fairywings03 I got too busy to review here, but I hope be back soon!
Location: State College, PA, USA
Mar 22, 2008

groves22 Apr 3, 2008

dustinnikki Spring is around the corner!!
Location: Ohio
Apr 20, 2008

JediKermit Books, Movies, and Toys. Is there more to life?
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Apr 23, 2008

mm_egan We have two little boys with too many toys! Learn what toys we like best!
Location: Beautiful Utah!
Apr 25, 2008

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