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About Me: ~ The Avengers (2012) ~ Trying to catch up.

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2buzy "I'm for a stronger death penalty." - President George Bush
Location: In front of the computer!
Jun 3, 2002

4-1-1 Location: Southern California Oct 23, 2002

Location: Gulf Coast, Texas
Jul 30, 2006

alexdg1 Updated my very first review to acknowledge the Indiana Jones films' Blu-ray box set.
Location: Miami, FL USA
Sep 14, 2005

AliventiAsylum Well-behaved women seldom make history ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Location: Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire
Oct 23, 2002

andaryl Sorry for the inactivity, going through a breakup, will be back
Location: California via Yorkshire
Oct 16, 2009

ariel10575 I'm back, and getting ready to write again. :)
Location: Granada Hills, Ca, USA
Aug 2, 2002

artbyjude If I'd known TODAY was to be my TOMORROW I woulda done better YESTERDAY.
Location: In a state of confusion
Oct 23, 2002

beckish I will ALWAYS be a true Epinions addict!
Location: Spokane, WA
Jul 2, 2002

beckytcy Check out my punctuation blog: Apostrophe Catastrophes!
Location: Boston
Jun 24, 2004

Bijou I'm back, Epinions. Brace yourself.
Location: The Library of Congress? Beyond the Sun?
Jul 9, 2007

bilbopooh Quite a little fellow in a wide world, after all.
Location: Erie, PA
Jun 26, 2009

BlackCat2 *Shake it off and Step Up*
Location: San Marcos Texas
Aug 25, 2001

blindsider Baaa!
Location: Sherman, TX, USA
Aug 1, 2006

bluehawq Location: North Carolina Apr 11, 2002

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