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Location: Santa Clara, CA
About Me: Law professor, Santa Clara University School of Law

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plex Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra -

kifwebe Location: :noitacoL -

smiles33 Mom of two, wife, and lawyer with a penchant for bargain shopping

zzJulia Silicon Valley Girl.
Location: Sunny California

meegan -

jdmarple -

Joseph_J I hail from Minot, ND. I am married with 3 wonderful kids.
Location: Minot, ND

mdelcorso Location: Berkeley Heights, NJ -

writer I'm a full-time writer and researcher, who loves to work on the web!
Location: Reno, NV

mbuck Location: Shelton, Washington -

angieg Location: McCaysville, Ga -

KajunGran Location: Southwest Louisiana -

myview -

roheblius Been here since 99.
Location: Gilroy, CA

isinga Korea/Vietnam Vet, 75,angry over contemporary political corruption and the idiot voters supporting it.
Location: Lovelock, Nevada

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