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Location: Coatesville, PA, USA
About Me: Mom of 2 of the greatest kids on the planet!

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adamsjill Lost my TR status...just for fun now!!!
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sep 14, 2005

alexdg1 Updated my very first review to acknowledge the Indiana Jones films' Blu-ray box set.
Location: Miami, FL USA
Apr 6, 2005

bangj Just gimme some wood and I'll build you a a cabinet
Location: Perth, West Australia, Australia
Apr 14, 2005

barakah59 In Joy
Location: Winston Salem, NC
Apr 13, 2006

Birdfeather Need a wireless router?
Location: Louisiana
Jun 18, 2005

Bruguru Christmas in July Write off is back!
Location: Canton, Georgia.
Apr 4, 2005

buscemifan Age 22 is the beginning of the end.
Location: Rutgers Univeristy
Mar 8, 2005

christian921 Just image how funny and clever this "About Me" snip could have been!
Location: The beautiful state of Florida
Jun 30, 2005

ClaireKS Avid nature conservationist and friend to all living things.
Location: Northern Virginia
Apr 11, 2005

doug2705eads Doug loves travel and tourism and writing...and movie reviewing and crafting the written word!
Feb 6, 2005

drdevience Game over.
Location: Sweden
Feb 27, 2005

eaglekeeper1 Location: KADENA AB JAPAN Jan 24, 2005

eskimo101 Welcome back, Peter... Things are looking up!
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Dec 22, 2005

germank106 Always open to a challenge, or a good write-off.
Location: middle of nowhere, MO
Apr 17, 2005

Gr8ful Over-the-hill has offically been moved to age 90 by popular demand
Location: Appomattox, Virginia
Jan 24, 2005

ifif1938 Going through some heavy duty health issues now. Sorry I won't be around much.
Location: Miami, Fl
Apr 14, 2005

jaa8072 No other success can compensate for failure within the home.
Location: Michigan
May 6, 2005

JAGUARDOG I LOVE Music/TV/Movies & sports like Football - NFL/College, Baseball, Olympics - Summer/Winter and Wrestling.
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
May 12, 2005

jay1051971 The 4 Essential Food Groups: Drugs, Guns, Booze, and Hookers.
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Jul 11, 2005

jcare Aiming for the big 300,000! (hits that is)
Location: Southeast Pennsylvania
May 19, 2005

jdornoff Freelance Photographer and Writer, Urban Planning student
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Jun 26, 2005

joylein Alas, The Summer is Just Slipping Away...
Location: Tidewater Area of Virginia USA!
Feb 2, 2005

jps246 Visit the Catskill Mountains - A complete guide
Location: Metrowest Boston, MA - USA
Jun 13, 2005

kamel622 I'm not SixtySomething....I'm $59.95 Plus Shipping and Handling!
Location: Wisconsin
Sep 16, 2005

kjell1979 They see me rollin' ... they hatin' ...
Location: Oxford, Mass
May 5, 2005

LILvoyce Location: FLORIDA May 28, 2005

melissasrn Trying to roll with the changes!
Location: East Tennessee
Apr 11, 2005

mothermeatloaf The road back to regularly reading, writing, and rating is a winding one...I'm trying!
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Feb 21, 2005

MsHooterville News and feature writer, graphic designer and artist, wife and mother, small business owner.
Location: Hooterville Green Acres USA
Sep 13, 2005

nchoward Happiest Father and Husband
Location: USA
Apr 8, 2005

nikefreak It's hard to write reviews without a working computer.....
Location: Portland, OR
May 2, 2005

nwinston Loving my boys and the summer weather in Oregon!
Location: US
Jul 9, 2005

pilarzmom Will be starting my own review blog soon! Stay tuned!
Apr 8, 2005

PPerky1954 Beautiful weather again. YAY
Location: Citrus County Florida
Feb 16, 2005

proxam Alcohol & calculus don't mix. Don't drink & derive
Location: De Leving's Toun
May 6, 2005

puckmugger My first novel, Speaking of Life, Death, and Hockey, is available now!
Location: wandering the fringes of the goal crease
Jun 3, 2005

rated-r Aug 7, 2005

rdf4025 One day, if I get past my "Paralysis of Initiative," I may be back.
Location: Albany, Louisiana
May 24, 2005

romasuave Make me an Advisor or Top Reviewer, Pretty Please With Sugar on Top
Location: The Valley....Dudes, CA, USA
Jun 9, 2005

sarah13rose Location: Youngstown, Ohio, USA Apr 22, 2005

Saxguy Check out my NEW, LIVE CD release. Samples on my profile page!
Location: near Chicago, Illinois
Sep 5, 2005

shoplmart It's all about hydrogen....
Location: Atlantic Coast
May 4, 2005

skbreese To err is human, to purr feline
Location: Chattanooga, TN USA
Aug 5, 2005

smadakcin Location: Brighton, West Sussex, England Feb 11, 2005

speeddemon531 Everytime I read a new review, I'm reminded of why I'm reluctant to return here.
Location: Somewhere On The East Coast
Oct 8, 2005

surferdude7 Location: Elizabethtown, Ky. Mar 25, 2005

Susie-34668 Enjoying the Florida sun
Location: Florida.
May 18, 2005

theresaro Wow its been a very long time.. My account got deactivated. Had to react.
Jan 29, 2005

three_ster A Great Snow Blower!
Location: Somewhere near the land of the lost
May 3, 2005

Tigerlily137 Location: San Diego, CA May 9, 2005

underdawg http://www.myspace.com/modernairs (my band!)
Location: nyc
Mar 2, 2005

updateghost About my grading scale.
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow...
Feb 13, 2005

xraydude888 Jun 26, 2005

xxneoconxx ah beez takin ova from dis point on mufuggaz
Location: Camden, New Jersey
Apr 19, 2005

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