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Location: Coatesville, PA, USA
About Me: Mom of 2 of the greatest kids on the planet!

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sarah13rose Location: Youngstown, Ohio, USA Apr 22, 2005

xxneoconxx ah beez takin ova from dis point on mufuggaz
Location: Camden, New Jersey
Apr 19, 2005

germank106 Always open to a challenge, or a good write-off.
Location: middle of nowhere, MO
Apr 17, 2005

ifif1938 Going through some heavy duty health issues now. Sorry I won't be around much.
Location: Miami, Fl
Apr 14, 2005

bangj Just gimme some wood and I'll build you a a cabinet
Location: Perth, West Australia, Australia
Apr 14, 2005

ClaireKS Avid nature conservationist and friend to all living things.
Location: Northern Virginia
Apr 11, 2005

melissasrn Trying to roll with the changes!
Location: East Tennessee
Apr 11, 2005

pilarzmom Will be starting my own review blog soon! Stay tuned!
Apr 8, 2005

nchoward Happiest Father and Husband
Location: USA
Apr 8, 2005

alexdg1 Updated my very first review to acknowledge the Indiana Jones films' Blu-ray box set.
Location: Miami, FL USA
Apr 6, 2005

Bruguru Christmas in July Write off is back!
Location: Canton, Georgia.
Apr 4, 2005

surferdude7 Location: Elizabethtown, Ky. Mar 25, 2005

buscemifan Age 22 is the beginning of the end.
Location: Rutgers Univeristy
Mar 8, 2005

underdawg http://www.myspace.com/modernairs (my band!)
Location: nyc
Mar 2, 2005

drdevience Game over.
Location: Sweden
Feb 27, 2005

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