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Location: Virginia
About Me: Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~MarkTwain

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Horhay Location: San Francisco Jan 14, 2003

ed_grover Ed's last words for Epinions members and links to tributes are on his page.
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Jan 14, 2003

naphtalia He reminded her of a slinky, so she pushed him downstairs.
Location: Somewhere in Southern California for Now
Jan 13, 2003

stockholder I am back !
Location: Chicago
Jan 9, 2003

thom413 Jan 7, 2003

prfstars Hi.
Location: The Burbs
Jan 4, 2003

ned1 Location: in the Barbie aisle Jan 3, 2003

jcrismon Have been gone for too long -- hopefully I'm back
Location: Sun City West, AZ
Dec 30, 2002

dedemw No drama.. just done
Dec 28, 2002

youngchinq Happy-go-unlucky
Location: Columbus, OH
Dec 28, 2002

29th_Candidate Consume less; be happier.
Location: The 29th Congressional District, CA
Dec 26, 2002

telynor I wish I could SAP books again...
Location: On the banks of the Hudson River
Dec 23, 2002

char.mike My heart, my head and my soul belong to Scotland.
Location: fife, Scotland
Dec 23, 2002

SMITHSWOODSIDE my FIRST BOOK is now at http://www.trafford.com/robots/03-2725.html
Location: South Australia
Dec 20, 2002

tenorqueen Publicist. Freelance Writer. Founder, "Don't Tell Me What Size I Must B" http://www.geocities.com/tenorqueen
Location: Australia
Dec 19, 2002

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