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Location: Virginia
About Me: Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~MarkTwain

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BeastieGirl Wishing I was having a Passion Fruit Mojito
Apr 17, 2003

ruby950 Come Visit My New Lifestyle Blog: Shop This
Location: Chicago
Apr 16, 2003

sweeper For a weekly photo and video tip, follow me at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PicturePointOnline
Location: San Jose, CA
Apr 9, 2003

hist Thinking of taking Greyhound? Be careful:
Location: Vancouver, BC
Apr 3, 2003

Hypotenuse off-grid prepper into sustainable living
Location: Alabama
Mar 30, 2003

nchoward Happiest Father and Husband
Location: USA
Mar 23, 2003

nedipooh Location: Sittin' in front of the 'puter. Mar 23, 2003

toospoiled Happy New Year To All...hope to be catching up here soon
Location: Tara
Mar 19, 2003

Penguinlady Many thanks to Travel CL SurgRN911 for speedily adding Stuff for me - she's GREAT!
Location: I'd rather be in Antarctica
Mar 17, 2003

chaospump Next live webcast coming soon...
Location: LA, CA
Mar 2, 2003

counsel An older guy treading water in a youth-oriented world.
Location: Conroe TX USA
Mar 1, 2003

rice75 Resident Evil 4 will own your soul. Do not resist.
Location: Columbus, OH
Feb 26, 2003

Kieli ~Your ridiculous little opinion has been noted.~
Location: Seo freisin.
Feb 23, 2003

thed_man I'm going to be a daddy!
Location: Winnipeg, Mb
Feb 19, 2003

hpq_nighthawk Engineer who likes gadgets and the outdoors.
Location: Georgia, USA
Feb 11, 2003

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