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Location: Virginia
About Me: Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~MarkTwain

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melissasrn Trying to roll with the changes!
Location: East Tennessee
Sep 19, 2002

Prepoia I Love My Family, Teaching, Reading, the Internet, and Travel (and Epinions of Course)!
Location: Michigan
Sep 21, 2002

glomarrone It's been fun for 2-1/2yrs. Now it's time to say goodbye. I'll miss you all!
Location: Cocoa Beach, FL
Sep 21, 2002

Penguinlady Many thanks to Travel CL SurgRN911 for speedily adding Stuff for me - she's GREAT!
Location: I'd rather be in Antarctica
Sep 27, 2002

vinceneilsgirl Location: Florida Sep 28, 2002

lorace No matter how you spell it, L-U-V_still says_LOVE! Hope your day is full of it!
Location: The Heavenly Realm
Oct 2, 2002

unhappycarrie Despite the rising cost of living, it remains a popular item.
Location: Wisconsin
Oct 9, 2002

shantel575 No More SAP's. See Member Center for Info.
Location: The South
Oct 9, 2002

sleeper54 Looking for Most Helpfuls..?? Start here: Last update: ..Aug 22, 13
Location: "Is this Heaven?"......"No. It's Iowa."
Oct 9, 2002

madtheory A lot of games. A lot of suckers with colorful names.
Location: Dallas,TX
Oct 9, 2002

Lisa_J Early Childhood Educator, Mom of Two: one accountant and one LA bound college dance major!
Location: Pacific Northwest - Washington State
Oct 11, 2002

bops_mom Epinions ninja; here even if you cannot see me. ;)
Location: California
Oct 11, 2002

zzJulia Silicon Valley Girl.
Location: Sunny California
Oct 12, 2002

Granniemose I'm back. Waiting for Lorace to give me another piece of poetry
Location: Greenest spot in the land of the free
Oct 12, 2002

jackai My stock photo homepage is at jackaiello.com
Location: Milky Way, 1st Black Hole on the left
Oct 17, 2002

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