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Location: Virginia
About Me: Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~MarkTwain

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Krissieliz Law school advisor; former practicing lawyer; nap, infomercial and gossip mag lover
Location: Washington, DC
May 9, 2004

proxam Alcohol & calculus don't mix. Don't drink & derive
Location: De Leving's Toun
Apr 18, 2004

tanu Look for me here and in YELP, Sept 2010
Location: Honolulu Hawaii
Apr 16, 2004

brett_w Live a life less ordinary!
Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
Apr 7, 2004

KevinEC A simple minded "high D profile" kinda guy!
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Apr 6, 2004

bob_tomato Will The Tomato Ever Get to 300 Reviews?
Location: Dallas Metroplex
Mar 31, 2004

mashimaru ♡♡♡ to Don Krider!
Location: California
Mar 31, 2004

hugh_u_kidden Um.....
Location: I was Here a Minute Ago; Where Did I Go?
Mar 14, 2004

grez Pay attention, puny human! You must listen to my band, Escape Plan! There'salinkinmyprofile.
Location: Houston, TX
Feb 25, 2004

captaind IndieGameNews.com - the latest indie game news, reviews and interviews.
Location: Birmingham, Merry Old England
Feb 22, 2004

randomkill Don't judge a book by its movie.
Location: Dog Town CA
Feb 21, 2004

carl_lazarevic Back and with an all new, better half!
Location: UK-(pure blood Brummie)
Feb 21, 2004

Petra If life gives you lemons ... there's always someone deserving of being pelted with fruit
Location: California
Feb 20, 2004

slarter You live, you learn...
Feb 16, 2004

artemisadorned Love May Be Blind, But Marriage Is a Real Eye Opener.
Location: Upstate NY
Feb 7, 2004

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