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About kboo

Remember and honor our friends, families and coworkers who are gone.

Let's remember the WTC as a magical place, in better times.
I never made it back to the restaurant after writing this review, and God, do I miss it. There is a hole in my heart every time I look downtown, and wherever I am, I cannot help but look downtown for my sentinels, even though every time I look, I know I will not see them.

See which Greek Goddess you are.


About Me

I'm a litigator for a large firm in New York who fantasizes about being a travel or food writer, or a caterer, or an artist ... well, pretty much anything except being a litigator for a large firm in New York.

Before going to law school I spent many years watching insects have sex, and talking and writing about it. It was interesting, but it made for some bizarre and short cocktail party conversation:
"So what do you do with yourself all day, kboo?"
"Well, I sit in my garage in a tattered old tank top in the dark and I watch bugs have sex. Sometimes when I'm feeling really motivated I film them."
"How interesting. Oh! I see my mother-in-law and my proctologist over there in the corner. I should go spend some time with them. Nice talking to you."

I went to law school in order to save the world; somewhere along the way I ended up defending Fortune 10 corporations. What happened? I grew dependent on the money to subsidize my eating and travel addictions. I wear Birkenstocks to work. Sometimes when I'm feeling really, really naughty, I wear a T-shirt and shorts.


Water polo
I can play (and have played) every position, have played and coached both coed and women only. I prefer to focus on 2-meter defense and setting the hole in women's games. Broke my nose getting kicked in the face. Missed my shot at national team tryouts a long, long time ago because some stupid dork from VMI couldn't handle the fact that a woman was beating him. Contrary to what my uncle thinks, I don't play water polo "just to meet guys."
Butterfly throws my left shoulder out. I'm almost as fast doing backstroke as free. I've seen a male Olympic gold medalist and world record holder naked. I prefer TYR over Speedo over Arena. I wear original, authentic Swedish goggles that I put together myself. The residual smell of chlorine is a bit of an aphrodisiac.
I am famous among friends for my roast turkey. It's a brine soaked extravaganza that I adapted from a recipe by the chefs at Campanile. Since I grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. In my elementary school Thanksgiving pageants, I always wanted to be Priscilla Mullins but always played the Indian princess- who- saves- the- Pilgrims- from- starvation- by- showing- them- how- to- plant- their- crops (stupid Pilgrims!) instead. I take comfort in the fact that if not for me there would be no Thanksgiving cuz those dumb Pilgrims would never have made it through that first winter.
Scuba Diving
See my Rangiroa and French Polynesia diving reviews. French Polynesia beats any other dive location I've tried, hands down. And this includes Oahu, Maui, Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, Martinique, Florida Keys. Next stop? Great Barrier Reef...
I learned to ski while in my 20's. Favorite run at Whistler/Blackcomb? Grub Stake (for sentimental reasons). Lang boots fit my feet the best due to their low volume. Skiing on "New England granular" (aka "ice") is not fun.
Sometimes my drives stay in the fairway. Of course, they're not always my fairway. I picked Taylor Made woods because I liked the flaming orange color of the clubs. I've never hit a hole in one although I have birdied a par-5 about 2 holes before succumbing to heat stroke. Sometimes being a lefty helps (not with the heat stroke, with the birdies). I have golf shoes but prefer to play in Tevas.
Good Food
The word "classy," especially written in script, should never be used on a restaurant sign or awning. Ditto with "fine dining." William Grimes is pretentious and self-absorbed. Lobster tastes best when eaten outdoors or on a table covered in newspaper. If you could only have 4 foods on a desert island, what would you bring? 1) Mangoes; 2) Fried Chicken; 3) Dark Chocolate; 4) Big Wong Roast Pork Wonton Noodles

Stuff I like

My dog

Stuff that drives me up a wall

Ashcroft W (not the hotel) People who think "alot" is a word

Favorite Epinions writers


Let's remember the WTC as a magical place, in better times.
A Tribeca guide.

These restaurants need your business:
Kitchenette - Bouley Bakery* - Danube - Le Zinc - Chanterelle - Gigino - Duane Park Cafe - Odeon - Acapella - City Hall - Spartina - Pico - Nobu - American Park at the Battery - Montrachet

*Old review - the restaurant has gone fancy (again), and is back to "Bouley"


Still coping with September 11

After 9/11, I just felt that Epinions was too frivolous for me. I'm working on clearing up my profile page and will get back to semi-regular updates and reviews, please bear with me. Here are a few postings I put on my profile page over the last few months so that my Epinions friends knew I was ok. They're only of historical interest (if that) now:

March 11, 2002:

Today I sent my husband off to war. The past six months have been a roller coaster with few highs and many, many lows. Today is one of the lowest. I'd write more about my experiences but can't find a place to post them. I want my husband home by the time our anniversary rolls around. I want him to stay safe. Not much else matters today.


My husband, my dog and I are all physically unhurt. I was three blocks from Ground Zero when the planes hit and saw it happen. After living in 5 different places in the last 3 months, we are finally in a new home. Life continues to be a series of ups and downs, however. Dr. kboo was in his last year of service with the Air Force and now I see him rarely.

I'm back at work although work seems a lot less important these days.

Recently I was interviewed as part of an oral history project about September 11. Something will be published, someday. I did it because I am finally ready to talk about it. Slowly. Now that Epinions has decided I'm no longer a "Top Reviewer" in Restaurants, Hotels & Travel, I will take my time writing, but I will continue to tell my story, slowly. Make of it what you will.

THANK YOU to all the people who helped me that day, and all who are continuing to be so supportive. You know who you are, you are too numerous to list, and may God bless you.
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