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Apr 27, 2007 K.C.: Don't Make a Special Trip Kansas City
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About kingbk
I am a graduate student pursuing a MFA in Creative Wrting in beautiful California. Originally from Omaha, I moved about 5 years ago to Dallas, Texas for my undergrad. Gotta love mild winters, cowboys and Tex-Mex! Don't miss those cold Midwest winters at all or the lack of scenery or culture. After four great years there, I headed west and love everyday out here. Can't complain when you have the mountains, oceans, sunny days and tons of culture. I tossed my winter gear when I moved to Dallas, and I'm glad not miss it. My passions in life are writing, movies, travel and reading. I pride myself in finding places no one else knows of. These include restaurants, books, movies and other locations. The best things in this world to me is learning new things and traveling to new places. That is why I love my situation. Going to school, traveling and meeting new people. It can't be beat! I have explored Europe (England, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic), a lot of the U.S. and more. My favorite cities: 1. London, England 2. New York City 3. Florence, Italy 4. Los Angeles (new home!) 5. San Francisco 6. Paris, France 7. Chicago 8. Rome, Italy 9. Madrid, Spain 10. Washington D.C. Can't wait for my next trip!