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Movie-lover for decades, critic for 3. My reviews are based on entertainment value not art.  more
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About kirbylee
AFTER ALMOST A YEAR I'M BACK!!! Okay no big news for anyone, just something I thought I'd post. It was so difficult to find the movies I was writing about here that I got frustrated and left for a while. Thanks to the help of the ever wonderful millinocket, I have found a way to find those films to write about. So expect to find a ton more of reviews coming here soon. Last count when I checked there were over 250 that still needed posting. As time permits they'll be there. Last night (7/11/13) I posted over 30 and there is still that many to go. So if you like how I write be on the lookout. What to say in one's public profile...why not start with where I am now? I mean other than sitting in front of a PC. Married for over 30 years, together for more than that, with one son now grown and moved out on his own somewhat. I write a review column for the local newspaper on the side. I've been writing the column for well over 25 years with a few minor interruptions due to better paying job duties. Its a second job, but the one I enjoy the most. What and how I write? I write not based on what other think are important. Far too often I've read reviews by high profile critics of movies that I loved and thought did they see the same movie I did? These highly paid professionals look at film as nothing BUT art. To me there is an art to film making, but more than that it is an entertainment medium. At a cost of over $6 for a matinee ticket, people want to be entertained, not enlightened. If you can get art in under the radar, great but don't expect people to be flocking to your film for THAT reason. So I write from the viewpoint of was I entertained. As for how I write, I try and make it short and sweet. The job of a reviewer is NOT to show the world how well and how long a piece he/she can write. It is to inform the reader of what the movie/book/show/product is about, if it was good or not and to add just a touch of your own personality. Honestly, I've read book size reviews here and at other sights and thought this is way too much. Some have lasted longer than the movies being reviewed! Come on, get to the point and let me then decide if what you said made me want to either rent or not rent this title. I truly don't care about Aunt Tillie's ingrown toenail nor how it relates to the movie you are watching. By the same token writing too little doesn't give any information. Try and find a happy medium. As for extras on DVDs? When they first came out I thought they were neat. Now, they're just something else that I don't seem to have time to watch. And someone please explain to me how a movie that is 1 hour and 45 minutes long can have 6 hours of extras. Does this just seem wrong to anyone else? Granted, upon occasion there are extras that make sense, that enhance the movie you just watched. I'll mention those when I think they're there. One thing I do know. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time writing here at epinions. The folks here have been helpful as have fellow reviewers who take the time to help. That being said, please, leave comments! What is good, what is bad, what you liked, what you didn't, about the review. How can one learn from nothing more than the words "very helpful" or "not helpful"? Not only that but hey, feel free to email me and lets get a discussion going on films! That should do it. If you have any questions, please write. *********************************************************** One more thing. I've recently started a blog for these same reviews. It gives people in the town I live in a chance to go back and catch up on reviews written in the past. If anyone is interested here is the address. And if that violates anything here at epinions please let me know, http://dvddigitalviews.blogspot.com/ ************************************************************ Something else...another blog! Recently I decided to start another blog. While Digital Views allows me to post reviews of DVDs and the like I had no outlet to post the rantings and ravings of someone who is getting a little bit older. Mainly me. LOL. So if anyone is interested, here you go, a link to my ramblings about life. http://midliferambles.blogspot.com/