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It's never easy doing the right thing.  more
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Once, after two days worth of sleep deprivation, I had a girlfriend drive me around in my car. I don't remember how she managed to hit a parked car in the parking lot at k-Mart, but she did it. My first instinct was to run to the customer service counter and have the owner paged by license plate. Freaked out because she was driving, my friend wanted to flee the scene, but I wouldn't let her. While we waited at the service counter for the owner of the vehicle, I frantically called my husband who was away on a business trip, I gave him a play by play, and he very calmly tells me that though the owner of the hit car will probably be furious, sincere apologies must be made and the damages must be fixed, regardless how much it cost,-that it's never easy to do the right thing. Naturally, the car owner was upset, but appreciated our honesty(she'd been hit&run on before), she even helped me work out a discount with her auto-body shop. After all was said and done, and both cars' bumpers fixed, we had become friends. My husband and I live by that, instilling in our daughter that there are never any shortcuts in life,-that integrity is doing what's right even when no one is looking. I realize how corny it sounds, but I believe our lives have been richly rewarded because of it.