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Apr 19, 2000 The all mighty power of love General Kids & Family Advice
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Apr 6, 2000 It takes a villiage. How to Manage a Large Family
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Mar 13, 2000 I don't think you should be violent with your children What Should I Know About Children & Violence?
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Mar 13, 2000 Vacation away from your family What Should I Know About Family Vacations?
in Travel Precautions
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About lisa_d
I was once lost, but now I am found. I mended my evil ways the day I met Tommy Wang and joined the Assembly for God's Children. They have taught me the value of life and I now plan to communicate Tommy Wang's view with all of you.

Tommy Wang has asked me to leave my current job so that I can spread the word of Tommy Wang. Tommy Wang willing, I will be on epinions full time by the summer.

I am not a fruitcake.